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School Counseling
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From Mrs. Wilder

A school counselor's role and the mission statement of a school counselor is to assist each individual student in reaching his or her highest academic potential. Sometimes circumstances in the life of a student hinders his or her academic performance. Some students may need special attention and guidance. Counseling may be in the form of individual or group counseling. In addition, each homeroom class at Manley participates in a guidance class once a week.

A school counselor's role is partially defined by required standards and objectives that must be taught as a part of the guidance curriculum. These standards are defined by both the state and the county.


There are nine state standards that a school counselor is required to teach.


These standards include:


1. Skills for academic self-confidence, learning and success

2. Improve learning and achieve challenging goals.

3. Relate school to life experiences.

4. Career awareness and employment readiness skills

5. Career information and career goals

6. Knowledge and skills to achieve career goals

7. Self-knowledge and interpersonal skills

8. Self-knowledge applications

9. Acquire personal safety and survival skills


The Hamblen County school system also utilizes the Character Counts curriculum in guidance.


The character counts traits are:


1. Trustworthiness

2. Respect

3. Responsibility

4. Fairness

5. Caring

6. Citizenship


In addition to these objectives, a bullying program and a violence prevention curriculum are implemented into the guidance program here at Manley.

 View the Hamblen County Bullying Policy and the Student Complaint information here.