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Jump Start Preschool

April 16-20, 2018



What a great week we have had! Be sure to question your child about our daily activities this week.


Looking Back

The children were really interested in learning about the weather this week. Each day we studied a different element of the weather system. The children learned how clouds are formed and all about the water cycle. Everyone thought the “thundering tube” was exciting! We enjoyed all of our weather activities this week and especially loved hearing from our special guest speaker, Mr. Howard Waldron (retired from the National Weather Service and Mrs. Paula’s husband)! He spoke to the children about the weather and the tools/equipment a Meteorologist would use. We especially enjoyed watching him make a CLOUD! Be sure to ask your child about our new vocabulary words; “evaporation”, “condensation”, and “precipitation”. Books we read this week:

What Makes the Weather?

What’s the Weather?

A Cloudy Day

It Is Stormy

It Is Cloudy

Little Cloud



This week during Literacy Group, the children enjoyed discussing shapes. Literacy was centered on the book The Shape of Things. The students learned how to make pictures using shapes. They also learned that shapes are all around us! The students continued to work on their alphabet sounds and names of letters along with beginning to build and sound out words! Please remember to review letters and sounds with your child everyday!



A Look Ahead

Next week we will be talking about Woodland Animals. Be sure to attend each day, we have some exciting things happening!!



Panther Creek Park Field Trip on April 27!!! Please remember to dress your child appropriately for a hike!


PreK end of the year Celebration will be on May 16th at 12:30!



Mrs. Kala