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Welcome to Mrs. Statzer's Math Class!
Due Date: 11/30/2018
Subject: Second Grade Math

Welcome to Mrs. Statzer's Math Class!


We will explore the wonderful world of math through addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, money, graphing data, and much more!  It's important that your child bring home his/her math folder each day.  Always be on the lookout for homework.  You will see an "HW" (homework) written at the top of the paper.  Students will have an opportunity to finish work in class most days.  However, unfinished work will be homework.  You can help your child throughout the year by practicing addition and subtraction facts, time and money skills.


Also, check my webpage periodically for math games that correspond to the math skills we are learning.


It's going to be a great year!


Chapter 4 - Place Value

Base 10 Fun

Base 10 BIGO

Game Bone - find the number on the 100 chart

Two Less Than Game

Base 10 Game - Drag the base 10 blocks to the mat to make the numbers

Place Value- find the number in the correct place



Chapter 1 - Addition


Lady Bug Addition


 Part, Part Whole - Lady Bugs


 Deep Dive Subtraction


 Ice Cream Shop Subtraction


Diaper Derby Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction Lady Bugs




Welcome to Mrs. Statzer's Reading Class!
Due Date: 8/31/2015
Subject: Second Grade Reading

Welcome to Mrs. Statzer's Reading Class!


We will practice sight words and phonics throughout the year to become the best readers we can be. 


Students will bring home a card with sight words printed on them.  Practice these words every night.  We test on Word Ring Words every day.


Spelling Words go home on Mondays, test on Thursday. 


Each Monday students will bring home a story to read nightly.  Please sign it every time they read to you.  Once they have read it 10 times, they will get in the TREASURE BOX!  They should bring their story to class every day.


Keep reading every night!